There are some cats at home that don't have problems.
They deserve a space on this site too!



This is Ziosurba. Mom got her from the field hospital she volunteered at. It was set up to care for the animals rescued from the flooding of Hurricane Floyd. Zio used to be very shy and often hid when new people were around. Then one day, for no reason Mom could tell, she became very friendly and started saying hello to visitors and even rubbing on them!
She likes to spend most of her time outside in the cat pen, even if it is cold or raining or sleeting. Her fur is so fluffy that mom doesn't think she notices being wet.
She will come inside in a hurry if Mom calls her, because Mom might be giving a treat! Zio is the local vacu-kitty. She hisses a little at new cats, but doesn't really mean it.

 Zio developed severe food allergies and is now on a fish free diet.  She is also somewhat sensitive to beef and does best on Turkey and also on Catsure.