Here are some links to low cost supplies!

My top 2 links :
I get my KMR, vaccines, syringes, and needles almost exclusively from this site. Vaccines are only shipped out on mondays and tuesdays and there is an extra charge for the cooler and extra icepacks. However, their vaccines are lower priced than the competition!
They offer a huge variety of animal supplies, if you want to get everything in one order this is the place to do it!

I get frequently used medications such as Terramycin and Clavamox from She provides meds and supplies to rescuers and shelters. You can often find her auctions on ebay, which is where I met her.
I have also bought doxycycline, injectable vitamin B, VitaCal, and Advantage from her.
Packages are shipped first class mail and postage is included in the price.
She replies to inquiries quickly and ships the day after payment is received. I highly reccomend e-mailing her!

Other links I reccomend

The Bendy Store Of course I"m going to reccomend my store! I have Advantage and Nursing kits for sale! The toys will come in handy, too.If your shelter has a tax ID number, you may be able to buy items direct from the manufacturer. Send an e-mail to the parent company of the product you are interested in!

Vet America for discount vet supplies online.
Orders for prescription items will be verified with your vetrinarian.

PetCareRx for discount pet supplies, prescription and non prescription meds. Prescription items are verified with your vetrinarian. I ordered Revolution from them and it was delivered in several days.

EBAY I have standard searches I run in pet supplies for flea products, food, and coupons. I highly reccomend you do the same! Not only can you get very good deals, but often the people turn out to be happy to help a rescuer!

CountrySide Vet Supply another good, low cost vetrinary supply company.

Please Avoid! Lambriar Vet Supply offers low cost supplies but they are owned by the same people who run Lambriar Kennels.