Inside Those Bent Legs

Side view of forelegs, feet were straightened as much as possible for xray.

Top view of forelegs, showing natural position. Some bowing of radius is visible. Extra toes are clearly visible.

Spine showing beginning of vetebrae fusion just in front of pelivs (hard to see).
Dorsal view of spine, cannot see fusion from this angle.

Xrays were kindly loaned to me by my vet so I could scan them. Arm xrays were done by local vet to assess the cause of their deformity.

Spinal Xrays were done at an emergency vet when Bendy spiked a high fever with abdominal pain to look for any blockage. No blockage was found but the vet did comment on his fusing vetebrae just above the pelvis. So far the only effect this has had is to make him slightly less flexible. This shows mostly in the pre-pounce butt wiggle, his entire hind end wiggles!