SHADOW,  retiring at Bendy's Home.
Shadow's original owner had passed away and no one knew what to do with him.  A daughter of the owner decided she would take him in.  Shadow was underweight but did well in his new home.  Unfortunatly the resident dog was not so thrilled with her new companion.
The woman tried for months to make things work, but finally decided that Shadow would be happier elsewhere.  She posted about him on a public internet board and a friend brought the post to my mom's attention.
After swapping many emails, Shadow came to live here at Bendy's home.  The daughter had had a full geriatric blood panel run to try and figure out why he was so thin.  He had gained some weight under her care, but still looks thin.  With Shadow came a large bag of dry food, some canned food, Revolution, C.E.T. mouth rinse, assorted treats and other miscellaneous supplies. 
We took Shadow to the vet to introduce him and get their opinion on his weight.  His thyroid was rechecked, but it was normal.  Our vet reviewed his records and could not find anything amiss.  He is taking prednisone as an appetite stimulant and gets monthly courses of antirobe for his gingivitis.  We removed a lot of plaque from his teeth and also use the mouthrinse regularly.  He does not like his meds or the mouthrinse, but puts up with it all.
Shadow settled in immediatley.  He is a very loving boy who has a lot to say.  His favorite place is stretched on the top of the couch looking out the picture window.  He has made a few visits into the rest of the house but likes his room.  We often play paws under the door and sometimes sneak in after mom so we can say hello.
He greets all visitors with a happy meow and presents himself for patting.  He is instantly in any available lap and loves it when mom takes naps in his room. 
Hopefully he will reside with us for many years to come and spend more time with the rest of the gang.