Sadly Mimosa left us unexpectedly on 12/01/2010.  She passed away overnight of unknown causes. 

Mimosa was named for the mimosa tree. It is a kind of Legume, and like our dear departed Legume Kitten she is a special needs cat with a lot of spirit. The trees are beautiful ornamentals here in the south. They are very hardy and always come back, even after being cut to the ground.
It seems a very fitting name.

Mimosa was only about 4 months old when brought to the shelter. We are not sure how she was hurt. Her right hind leg will need to be amputated. All three legbones are shattered with many loose bone pieces. She also has a large abcess on the 'heel' of that foot. In addition, her tail was severed almost completely off.
We took Mimosa to the emergency clinic where they cleaned the abcess and stabilized her leg. Unfortunatley she reacted to even light anesthesia very poorly and now has pronounced neurological problems.
She requires a lot of care while she regains her neuro functions. We also had to carefully consider what kind of anesthesia to do any future surgeries under. Her leg possibly could be repaired, but it would require many pins, possibly a plate, and would be a long complicated process. Ampuation would be a much simpler surgery and easier for her to recover from. Three legged cats do very well and are as mobile and playful as regular cats.

Mimosa's recovery timeline.
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