One little cat who touched many

4/01 - 3/17/02

Wherever you go
Whatever you do
I will be right here
Waiting for you

Whatever it takes
or how your heart breaks
I will be right here
waiting for you

This song went through my head for a week after we said goodbye.
This picture brings it back to me.

I will deeply miss my sweet Leggy Legume.

I have never known another cat so outgoing, adaptable, friendly and wonderful.
I know he is waiting for me at the Bridge.

I would open the door and see him stretch, then walk over to me.
I'd scoop him up and hug him and he would smile.
I would kiss his head and he would wash my nose.
He insisted on washing in the same spot, right under my nose.
And I would laugh and ask why he loved that spot so much.
He would put his paw on my face, holding me still in case I tried
to redirect him to another spot.
I would tell him how wonderful he was and how much I loved him.

I would hear a polite tap at the door of his cage or carrier, and he would look
up at me and tap again, asking to come out.
I'd open the door and he would walk out smiling and soon zoom off to whatever important kitty business needed to be done.

I would hear from another room.
I'm in here Gumie! I would yell.
And then trotting along with his wonderful smile he
would come up to me, just to let me know he was there.
Then he would be off playing again.

Gumie? where are you? I would call
I'd hear little pitterpats upstairs
Standing at the bottom of the stairwell
I would look up and see you smiling down
at me.
Waiting for me to come up and join you.

I will miss you in my office window
at the top of the stairs
in the cloth cube
in my arms
by my side
Whatever will I do with all the time I
devoted to you?
I would have done anything to give you more
my dear sweet little Bean
but there was nothing more anyone could do.

I will always treasure your fairwell kiss goodbye.

Many thanks to the Legume's friends for making him these online memorials!

Legume memorial 1
Legume Memorial 2

The many messages people have left on the memorial sites above have been very touching and helped me immensely.
I cannot thank you all enough.


I think these are a wonderful memorial for our rainbow angels!
This company takes a photograph and puts it on granite! They have very kindly given me a special deal for my Gumie Bean.
Here is the proof he sent me of the stone for Legume.


If you would like your own beautiful memorial for your pet, please click on the photo above to visit
Mention that you were referred by Legume and $5 will be donated to the Legume Fund!
To help us keep track of the orders from this site, please also send me an e-mail.
Here is the memorial stone, in place, at Legume's grave. He is buried in front of my house in my cat garden along with Ninga and some fosters.