The Recycled Kitty
? - 10/22/2006
On 10/22/06 ¬  mom went over to¬ her friend Betsy's house to¬ help give Gumby¬ his meds. betsy said he looked awful. he was hiding behind the toilet, nose in the corner.
mom looked at him and knew.
"he's dying"
she said.
mom gave him fluids just to see if it would do anything. 200ccs did nothing.¬  Betsy put him on a towel and she and mom sat with him as he slipped away.¬  the last few moments were not easy, but they never are. Betsy's partner David showed up just in time to say goodbye. Gumby had always liked David ad would sit in his lap by preference to anyone else. Gumby was buried in Betsy's backyard, with her other departed kitties. I didn't have a picture to post, somehow we don't have picts of him. Betsy sent us the ones she had.
we feel really bad for that. he lived here for 8 months.

Betsy found him at t he recyclig center. It was late when she went there, he ran up to her and said MEOW MEOW MEOW!!! then ran and jumped into her car. he was so small ad skinny she thought he was a kitten. she brought him here.
he had no teeth, poor eyesight, and (we figured out later) was stone deaf. Betsy didn't feel she could keep him then because her cat Frank was terminally ill. After Frank passed away, Gumby went to live with Betsy.

he had a good couple of years there, certainly far better than awaited him living at a recycyling center. it was a fenced facility in the middle of nowhere, he was't there by accident.

goodbye dear Gumby
sweet toothless black loud kitty
Mom will miss you.
she always loved catsitting for you, you'd see her car and meet her at the door wanting to be picked up and snuggled.