I drove to Richmond to meet the people who had rescued this sweet little girl . She was born with deformed hind legs and is semi-continent.  Despite this she is very active and climbs all over.  She has full use of her tail, and partial use of her legs.  Her legs are very weak, but she can get up on her 'knees' and jump.  She doesn't let anything slow her down.

She has partial control of bowels and bladder, she doesn't get much warning so will go racing for the nearest litterbox or pee pad, but doesn't always make it.  She does manage to hold it all night when she sleeps in my bed.  During the day she wears a little diaper made out of a puppy pad and half a maxi pad, held together with scotch tape. 

She plays with the other cat, wrestling and chasing them.  She loves to climb and will figure out elaborate routes to get where she wants to go.  She is very snuggly, loving to be in my lap while I type and snuggled under my chin when I sleep.  She will sometimes climb up and get on my pillow to try and convince me it is nap time.  



She quickly made herself right at home in the bed, her favorite place.  She is a super snuggler, and has taken over Bendy's old place under my chin.

She enjoys a good belly rub.


Showing off her puppy pad diaper, with holes cut for her legs 


and fastened around her back with scotch tape. i put a half a maxi pad in it to increase absorbancy.  When I get it to fit right, it will stay on while she runs and climbs.  Somes it comes off when she wrestling with other cats.


Here she has climbed up to the second level of a favorite cat tree.




Then she looks back at me to see what I'm so excited about.  You can see the brace on her foot, trying to straighten her toes.  She pulls at it so it has started to come off in this photo.