"Hi, I am Six Toes! I was rejected by my feline mom at 3 days old and hand raised from them on.

This is me at 2 weeks. Mom said I looked like a bug and kept calling me bug-kitten!

I had some problems. I kept getting sores on my feet. This had happend with some of the other kittens, too. Mom called it "rotting kitten disease". The vet said it was a sign of immuno-suppression. Fortunatley Clavamox cleared it up quickly and we tolerated it fine.

I had trouble nursing from a bottle. I would often inhale my formula and choke! This happens when I ate too fast, it still happens sometimes.

Mom knows a lot about caring for tiny kittens. She knew what to do to get the milk out of my airway. One time, however, the usual techniques did not work, and I stopped breathing!

Mom didn't panic (much). She thought FAST. She put her mouth over my muzzle and, very gently, sucked. The milk came out my nose! Then she breathed, again very gently, for me several times. I started breathing on my own then. Breathing for kittens is tricky, mom knew if that my lungs are tiny and not used to lots of pressure or air, so she was very VERY gentle.

Fortunatley I never had that happen again!
Mom named me Six Toes because each of my hind feet has Six Toes on it. My front feet have five toes, not thumbs but extra "fingers." If you feel my feet, you can feel extra toe bones that didn't develop into full toes! My front toes are very short and stubby, so I can't climb screens. I can run and jump and climb other things just fine, though!
I am looking better in this picture! I still have other problems. I have a very touchy GI system. If I eat even just a mouthfull of the wrong food, I will throw up and get diahhrea! I have had many bought of coccidea, it seems I always get it when my GI system is unhappy. Fortunatley for Mom, I am very good about taking my pills.
I like to sleep in my hammock. Ferret hammocks make wonderful beds for kittens!
I had it rough growing up with Bendy! Even without his braces he kept pouncing me! I was much bigger than him, but it didn't matter. He still pounces me! And now that we are grown he chases me!

Mom says I am the cuddliest kitten she has ever known. I always want to be held, and I always purr. I am very polite when I ask to be picked up. I will tap her leg with my toes, or climb up on something and tap her head or shoulder. She cradles me and I just PURRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR. She calls me her snuggle bug. Sometimes if Bendy is getting all the attention I have to climb on Mom's lap and sit on him.